Members connect to our FTP server where all the music is stored. You will need a FTP software, usually FileZilla, and you can download individual tracks or you can select to download entire folders onto your computer. Our music archive is since 2013. The download speed of the server is 1 GB/s. There is no limit on how much you can download.

Price: 15$ / month

You need to send a registration form. Your Facebook profile should show that you have a real interest in music (DJ, producer, music fan, etc.)
We will analyze your form and will contact you as soon as possible (30 min – 24 hours).


Please provide your name.

Please tell us your nickname or DJ name.

Your e-mail address.

Tell us where you're from?

Tell us the city you're from.

Please give us the link to your Facebook page. We need this for security reasons.

If you're finished, press Submit.